Decked In Bed Storage Systems


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Heavy Duty

Easy to Install

2000lb Payload

Weather Tight

200lb Drawer Capacity

Optional accessories available.




Bed Function

DECKED gives you maximum use of your truck bed or cargo van. Engineered to sit right above your wheel wells, DECKED dramatically increases available surface area for carrying heavy, bulky cargo while providing segmented storage underneath. Tools and other gear stay organized in full-bed length drawers that roll as smooth as butter. Never crawl, reach or jump into your truck bed again.

Heavy Duty Engineering

The DECKED Drawer System is engineered from a galvanized steel frame in-molded to a High Density Polyethylene skin. Industrial grade HDPE is impervious to the environment, extreme temperatures and chemicals. Heck this stuff was invented to be buried in the ground and left out in the blazing sun indefinitely. Throw in some American steel and you get a union that delivers an unmatched industry standard strength-to-weight ratio of 10:1.

Easy Install

No drilling required for most vehicle applications—DECKED simply attaches to your truck bed tie downs. DIY install is easy and takes a couple of hours (if you can read picture instructions and operate a few common hand tools). If needed, removal and reinstallation only takes a matter of minutes. Drawer Systems ship FREE right to your front door, or purchase through your local dealer. Check out our deep dive 101 video for a no-holds-barred run down.

2000lb Payload

Your truck ain’t a man purse. It hauls heavy stuff like cement, plywood and ATV/Moto’s. We made DECKED so you can stack 2000 lbs of big stuff on the deck. The deck sits right above your wheel wells maximizing your bed’s surface area, while still providing easy access to smooth rolling storage drawers underneath.

End the Junk Show

Average tool boxes are impossible to access. And to organize? Forget about it! That’s why we created the DECKED Drawer System. Less time wasted searching for tools and gear directly translates to increased productivity and more money in your pocket. No more crawling around in the back of your truck or van to navigate the heap of gear.


DECKED is weatherproof. Period. Anything falling from the sky can’t get into your drawers. DECKED protects your tools and gear from a harmless little sprinkle to a torrential Act of God. They’re not Tupperwear-tight; airborne particulate like dust or mist can make its way in.

Peace of Mind

As a truck owner, you’ve got a lot of tools, gear, firearms and other expensive items that need to be secure when left at the jobsite, campsite or parking lot. DECKED’s two full bed-length drawers keep it all locked up out of sight and out of mind. Lock your tailgate and lock your drawers for extra security.

Made in the USA

Born in Idaho, manufactured in Ohio, engineered in Detroit, you’re damn right we are zealots for quality. Made right here in the Heartland, DECKED drawers are in stock and ready to ship.


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